Collecting Books

Big J - coverChildren need time to browse and read books at their own speed, turning the page when they are ready instead of when the adult reader is ready. This is a form of child-led play which is necessary for children if they are to absorb an experience fully.

Children may want to do other things with a book if they know they have it for themselves over several days. They may want to copy the pictures in the book, copy the text or use the text as a base to write their own text for a new story. In order for them to succeed, help them to put the paper together to make the book. Sometimes children use up all their energy and time cutting paper to make the book that none is left for copying or writing their own story, copying the picture and enjoying the picture book!

Collecting may be for:

  • Starting a home collection
  • Starting a class library
  • Starting a classroom collection as a classroom resource
  • Starting a book circle for adults or children

Adults like to get together and discuss picture books; many want to know more about the books their children are reading. Reading together with other adults in a group is fun and adds different dimensions to the experience.

I Spy Numbers in Art- coverFunding

Books are expensive. Paperback editions are always cheaper. Suggest to parents that you are going to make an order and they, or the grandparents, might like to buy at least a copy of their child’s favourite book. Books make lasting Birthday or Festival presents.

Some PTA (Parent Teachers Associations) have funds to buy books. Some PTAs hold Fairs or Charity Bazaars to collect money to support Class Libraries.


Books can be bought through Amazon Book Co on line. stocks a large collection of picture books and sells them at UK book shop prices, sometimes with a reduction on the shop price. Orders can be paid for by credit card and will be sent directly to your home address in any country.



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