Dear Teachers and Parents,

Issue 16 of REALBOOK NEWS, now only on the website, has been expanded to cater better for the needs of the increasing number of parents and teachers who want to get a REALpictureBOOK into the hands of children beginning to learn English as a foreign language.

New sections include Editor’s Choice, my choice as Editor-Founder of REALBOOK NEWS, and also Top 10. These are books that have become such favourites with children that they know most of the story or rhyme text off by heart and take great pride in reciting it to any willing adult listener. Children love an audience! These, together with the New Books selection will be renewed twice yearly as before in November and May.

Adults often ask about making their own collection of books and so I have included a section on Collecting Books. Where to buy books is another question that frequently arises from adults living outside Britain . All the books selected by REALBOOK NEWS are available on Amazon.co.uk at UK Book shop prices. To buy one or several just click on the Amazon links and you go through to www.Amazon.co.uk and make your order. You can pay by credit card.

For those of you who want to know more about how and what children can learn whilst enjoying picture books, please look in the Articles section which cover titles like Visual Literacy, Reading about Feelings and Books for Boys. Back Issues (1-15) can be seen in Archives.

REALBOOK NEWS has been one of the organisers of an International Conference on Learning English through Picture Books this November at the International Youth Library, which is affiliated to UNESCO, in Munich. Housed is Schloss Blutenburg, 150 enthusiasts from 22 countries will hear presentations from researchers, methodologists and prize-winning authors and illustrators including Pat Hutchins, Tony Ross and Stella Blackstone. During the Conference participants will have the chance to view two different exhibitions sent by the British Council, The Magic Pencil and Imagine, and enjoy an evening reception sponsored by the British Council. I will be reporting back on the findings of this Conference in my next editorial.

If you would like to have more information or discuss further some topic concerning REALpictureBOOKs you can contact me at REALBOOK NEWS through

Enjoy the books together!

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