Using REALpictureBOOKS

Washing Line - coverWhen to use REALpictureBOOKS

  • Home Reading
  • Part of a lesson/an addition to a programme
  • For the entire lesson/ as the programme

How to use REALpictureBOOKS

It is important that when a child sees a REALBOOK for the first time he can understand what it is about. If the language level is too advanced and pre-presentation has not been successful, a child could feel English is too difficult, become de-motivated and ‘switch off’.

Presentation of a new book See articles

Presentation is most effective in sequential steps over a period of time :

  • Pre-presentation to introduce new vocabulary before a child sees the book.
  • Presentation of part or all the book
  • Re-presentation many times until the text is well known.
  • Follow-up activities where suitable .

Ten Dogs - coverUse the voice in presentation to aid learning and increase fun

  • stress exciting or vital language
  • alter the tone of voice to insert excitement and suspense
  • pause to give a child the opportunity to complete sentences or say refrains himself
  • use special 'parentese' language techniques to help children use and develop English naturally See articles

Reading REALpictureBOOKs

Read to children as often as they request. If you encourage and praise them, they soon join in finishing off words or phrases. If a short text is well presented and is at the right level for a child's English, a child generally picks up a lot of it after 5 or 6 readings on different days.

River Story - coverFollow up Activities
Activities should be fun, with hidden learning.
Activities can include:

  • drama - puppets, plays, group rhyme recitals
  • making books - copying stories or pictures, re-writing stories and personalizing them.
  • reading aloud together, taking turns.
  • Book browsing in a Book Corner
Don’t overkill: REALpictureBOOKs have a magic for children. Young children do not understand and enjoy books in the same way as adults; it is difficult for most adults to get down to the same level as a child. ‘ Tread softly because you tread on my dreams’. William Butler Yeats (Poet and Playwrite).


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